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Wow - Whitemane by miyoaldy
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Hey babies..

I’ts been a LONG ass time. Probably will go back to blogging about random shit like I used to, throw in some more alternative fashion blogging, some gaming factoids, tattoo tidbits.

Back to playing World of Warcraft quite a bit as well as some other random XBOX games, a lot has happened in my time away. My trip to Vegas was pretty amazing got to visit some amazing shops and see some amazing people. Became pregnant around November the 12th and gave birth to the must handsome little man in the world on July 9th.

Jacob Aidan

Like I said got back into WoW raiding on a regular basis in between mommy time.

Although my priest is my main; my most beloved alt (my rogue) is on her way to getting her legendary daggers. After missing weeks and weeks of gems she is finally coming toward the end of her final quest 1/2 way through the stage 2 quest. 30/60 gem clusters.

sneaking around for the stage 1 daggers

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Better than a spray-on-tan: lucky’s solution

So believe it ot not I managed to get bored out here in vegas so with my free time I decided to get my tan on. However, ironic to my name, its rained a ton and the sun has been hiding so rather than sit outside in the shade I decided to make a trip to CVS in order to look at something I’ve been dying to try for a while now: Jergen’s Natural Glow. Day 1 I didn’t notice too much of a difference, but then again magic takes time, so I applied nightly for 3 nights only to see my pale north dakota skin turn to a gorgeous barely bronze. Believe it ot not the shit actually works, at least for me it did. I’d say its worth a try if you’re interested in keeping a tan over winter or if you’re short on time and can’t make it to the salon or outside. I saw a couple different kinds at the store; revitalizing and firming for the regular size lotion and I know a moisturizer and facial version exist. I just use the regular version for my face anyway just be cautious. Not to get it in your eye. Other than that just make sure you wash your hands after every application!! My hands turned an orangey brown and believe me its not worth it because it doesn’t wash off easy! Anyway its worth a try. Always, Lucky

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Viva Las Vegas

Its been a while, but as I was walking through the forum shops at Ceasers Palace in Vegas I couldn’t help but realize how much I miss blogging. In fact, I may start making videos again on youtube as per request from an old fan who was interested in a guided how-to videos. As for what’s been going on in my life, I now work for limited brands at a victorias secret back where I live. Here in Vegas the VS store is so much bigger than mine in ND! Of course I had to take pictures and look around. Anyhow I will get back to my plans later on. I’m due to go see cris angel later tonight at the luxor. Always Lucky

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OHIO in the morning; next stop, home to ND.

See you soon dear, you know I’ve missed you. <3

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The Evolution of Fashion

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